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About the Battalion

33 Service Battalion is a descendant of the Ottawa Service Battalion which arose from the amalgamation of several service support units in Ottawa in 1965. The Ottawa Service Battalion was first composed of personnel from 130 Transport Company, 3 Ordnance Company, 28 Technical Squadron, 13 Personnel Depot, 113 Manning Depot, 10 Medical Company and 54 Dental Unit. These units were disbanded to form the Battalion which had a single transport unit and a training wing. This was later expanded into a transport company, supply company, maintenance company, Headquarters, MIR and MP detachment.

In 1975 all service Battalions were numbered and we became 28 (Ottawa) Service Battalion. The following year the district’s 28 Military Police Platoon was attached to the unit, and in 1980 the Medical Company was detached and became independent at NDMC. On 31 March 2004 28 MP Platoon was detached to 2 Area Support Group, and on 1 April 2003 the Platoon became 33 MP Platoon.

2009 the Ottawa and North Bay Service Battalions were amalgamated into 26/28 Service Battalion, but continued to operate in both cities. In 2010 the Battalion was re-numbered as 33 Service Battalion in the re-organization of Service Battalions across Canada.

The Battalion has won many awards and trophies over the years, with the Commonwealth Shield won over 3 times, the latest in 1982. Battalion members have served across Canada with the regular force in numerous exercises and bases; including overseas in Germany during REFORGER. More recently members have served in combat missions in Bosnia, Croatia, and Afghanistan. Many members have participated in numerous United Nations Missions such as UNEF II, UNDOF, UNFICYP, UNIFIL, and UNTAG.

The Battalion received the Freedom of the City in 1981 and as recently as 2010 exercised their right to march in the streets of Ottawa. The Battalion began in Wallis House Armoury, 589 Rideau Street and moved to its current location at Holland Armoury, 2100 Walkley Road in 1990.

The first reserve service support unit was organized in Ottawa in 1903 when a 1st class Stores Station of the Ordnance Stores Corps was established in 1903 in the Military Stores Building behind Cartier Square Drill Hall.

During the First World War, units of No. 4 Militia District (Ottawa) supplied men to the Canadian Expeditionary Force. In 1914 No. 5 Company (Ottawa) of the Canadian Army Service Corps, moved to Camp Valcartier where it provided transport and support for the CEF preparing for overseas service. It supplied men for the 1st Divisional Trains when they moved to England and France.

During the Second World War, 1st Corps Troops, RCASC, mobilized at Lansdowne Park and formed No. 1 Petrol Park and No. 1 Ordnance Company. On arrival in England they were reorganized into 54 and 55 General Transport Companies, RCAC, and served in the Italian and European campaigns.

On the outbreak of the Korean war, 1st Corps Troops provided personnel and command staff to form 54 General Transport Company, RCASC, which served the 25th Canadian Infantry Brigade of the Commonwealth Division. In recognition of its contribution to the Division, the unit brought back the Commonwealth Shield trophy which has since been annually awarded to the best Reserve Transportation Company in Canada.