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About the Association

The 33 Service Battalion Association is made up of former and serving members of 28 Ottawa Service Battalion – now known as 33 Service Battalion – and its various affiliated units and former sub-units.

All current serving members of 33 Service Battalion are automatically members of the 33 Service Battalion Association. The Association will serve to unite former and serving members of the Battalion, to educate on the history and role of the Battalion within the community, and to support the serving members of the Battalion where practical.

Activities of the Association will include:

  • The hosting of social and informational events;
  • The establishment and operation of the Battalion Museum;
  • The establishment and maintenance of a Battalion Kit Shop;
  • Active support and funding for Battalion activities; and
  • Support for charitable organizations and community events.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Association is to assist the Commanding Officer (CO) of the Battalion in maintaining a high level of morale and welfare of serving and former members of the Battalion and/or their families when required and to assist the CO in “Connecting with Canadians” as required and to foster a spirit of goodwill and comradeship between serving and former members (Regular or Reserve) and to promote esprit de corps amongst all members of the Battalion.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make a contribution to the well-being of members through the sponsorship and management of various activities of interest to them. The Association will collaborate actively with the CO and staff, and with other like-minded associations.

Our Mission

The mission of Bn Association in collaboration with other bodies, is to support the well being of the current and former members by promoting and maintaining the heritage, traditions, and culture of the Bn and to assist the chain of command when requested.

Our Center of Gravity

To support current and former Battalion members.