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Military Hobby Show


On Sunday June 04, 2032, from 10am to 4pm, the 33 (Ottawa) Service Battalion Association is hosting a Military Hobby Show at the Major E.J.G. Holland VC Armoury – 2100 Walkley Road, Ottawa.

The event is a fundraiser with proceeds from the show going to support the activities of the 33 Service Battalion Association. (The 33 Service Battalion Association (33SBA) is comprised of former and serving members of 33 Service Battalion and its various affiliated units and former sub-units with the goal of providing support to former and serving members of the Battalion, and to provide information on the history and role of the Battalion within the community.)  


The show will be held in the drill hall of the armoury, with easy access, and plenty of free parking.

Featured among the Exhibits & Displays of Military items and Models at the Show will be:

 – Vendors of Militaria items

      (medals, badges, clothing, etc.)

 –  Guest speakers

– A Flea Market of used military items, books and  magazines for sale

 – Hobby display & packaging supplies for sale

 – Vendors of Military Modelling items

      (including plastic and diecast models of

       military vehicles, aircraft & ships)  

– Displays and vendors of Toy Soldiers and military models

– Information tables and displays

     (from Ottawa area Hobby clubs, and

      military related organizations)

 – Displays from the 33 Service Battalion Museum and from active Reserve Units


This event is open to the public, with an Entrance Fee of $5 (free for children 14 and under).

A number of military and hobby related organizations are being invited to attend as vendors, exhibitors, and/or to run an information table about their organization.

Our goal this year is to increase our public and military participation at the show. For the first time we have a dedicated Marketing team to ensure greater awareness of our show. We have also added a speakers program with topical presentations throughout the day.

Aside from attending the show, there are three ways to participate in the activities at the show:

  1. – Raise awareness and promote your organization

Military and military hobby related organizations will be given a free table to promote their organization.

The information table must be staffed at all times. Aside from membership, no items can be offered for

sale at an information table.

  1. – Sponsor an exhibit

Individuals and organizations will be given free tables to host exhibits related to a military hobby.

The exhibit must be staffed at all times, and no items can be offered for sale at an exhibit table.

  1. – Sell your Military Hobby related goods

Vendor tables can be rented for $35 each. No functional firearms can be brought into the building.

Individuals and organizations with only few items to sell can put their items in the Military Flea Market at the show where organizers will oversee the sales. Items that sell at the Flea Market will be subject to a

sales commission donation to the organizers. Unsold items can be picked up at the end of the show.


For further Information:       Contact the 33  Service Battalion Association by email at info@osbassociation.ca   

For inquiries regarding Vendor/Exhibit/Information tables contact: Robert (Bob) Thompson at 613-291-1638  or by email at info@osbassociation.ca