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Join us for the OSBA AGM this Week!


Agenda/Ordre du jour

Ottawa Service Battalion Association/Association du Bataillon des services d’Ottawa

Annual General Meeting/Assemblée générale annuelle

To be held at/qui aura lieu au:  Major EJC Holland, VC, Armoury

2100 Walkley Road, Ottawa  ON, K1A 0K2

2100 hours 06 December 2018/21 h le 06 décember 2018


I                               Call to Order                                                       President

II                             Adoption of Minutes, AGM 30 Nov 17             Secretary

III                            Financial Statements                                          Treasurer

IV                            Association Update                                           President

V                             33 Service Battalion Update                        Commanding Officer

VI                            Committee Reports

                                                Vice-President                                     Ben Woodman

                                                Welfare                                                         Bruce Strauss

                                                Heritage/Museum                              Morley Verdier

                                                Events                                                   Robert Thompson

VII                         Nominations and Voting                               President



VIII                           Points from the Floor

IX                            Adjournment